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Getting lost with my music

October 14, 2007


October 12 walk

This Friday I got lost. It was the first weekend I spent in Prague in nearly a month and I wanted to see something new. I wandered down the hill and after sitting and enjoying the chilly fall air in the park at Karlovo Namesti I decided to let my music guide me to somewhere new. At the corner I set my i-pod to shuffle and decided that if the singer was female I’d turn left, and if male I’d turn right. Simple idea, but it took me to some good places I’d never seen before. This is the path my music took me and the thoughts that happened along the way:

Comme Moi- Edith Piaf (Here I go left, down the hill towards Vysehrad.)

Blackhole- Beck (Right! Towards the river. I found an antique store/bookstore that had this funny truck in front.)

We got it for cheap (intro)- Clipse (Right again, this song…and well this entire band… makes me laugh a bit. I don’t listen to too much r&b/rap but I do enjoy Clipse even though I feel slightly ridiculous listening to it.)

Hey Boy- Blow (At this point I hit the Vltava River and turn left and walk very, very far south.)

Fool’s Gold- The Stone Roses (For the next eight songs I realize that my male/female choice was a little too simple as I cannot turn right anymore because I am at the river and there are no bridges. So I walk south, and south, and even farther south.)

You- Radiohead

Letter’s never sent- R.E.M. (Reminder: Send letter to Tara that is sitting on my desk at home…)

Helitrop- At the drive in

Red Dust- Iron & Wine/Calexico

Body Parts- Jump, little children (I love so many songs from this band, but this is not one of them. Oh well.)

Tive Razao- Seu Jorge (This reminds me so much of the end of freshman year at NYU when I saw this Brazilian musician play with some friends a few blocks from my dorm. This makes me smile, it was such a good show especially when he did his David Bowie covers from the Life Aquatic soundtrack. Here’s a video from that concert. It’s him playing “Rebel, Rebel”).

Stay Don’t Go- Spoon

Home- Zero 7 (Because of the song name I decide to turn left, cross the street and hop the next tram north- back towards home- from the Dvorce stop several miles south of Vysehrad.)

Ones- Islands

You won’t see me- The Beatles

Cupid’s Trick- Elliott Smith (Deposited back at Karlovo Namesti where I began my walk.)

Whirly Birds- Silver Apples (With some chocolate yogurt and a notebook in hand, I sat in the park for the next few songs and wrote about the Jesuit baroque church on the corner for an upcoming Czech Art & Architecture paper.)

One Neck- Holly Golightly

The Motivator- T. Rex

Be good to them always- The Books (This is one of my favorite songs of theirs… reminds me of last January when I listened to this album quite a bit.)

Lovestain- Jose Gonsalez

Mr. Pitiful- Otis Redding

Heading home, I felt refreshed and happy to have spent the day outdoors wandering and exploring.

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  1. Dana Matthews permalink
    October 21, 2007 11:17 pm

    I enjoyed your creative walk in Prague and loved the music and photos!


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