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October 26, 2007 Arcade Fire in Glasgow

October 31, 2007

Arcade Fire

I’ve seen the Arcade Fire twice, but never in America. Earlier this year I went to Montreal and saw them play in their hometown and then I saw them just last week in Glasgow. Each show was unique. The Canadian venue was tiny- it reminded me of an elementary school auditorium- and I stood in the very front and could see their facial expressions (like in the picture above). So I was a little apprehensive how they would perform in a stadium like the SECC in Scotland. They made me happy and calmed every doubt I held. In that big of a venue they were able to bring along the organ that is played on their recorded albums in several songs and it sung out so brilliantly. They owned every inch of that massive space and filled the entire arena with pure, beautiful sound.

By the end we were dancing in the aisles with Scottish people. The array of people there also made me happy. In addition to many people our age there were dads who brought their eight-year-old daughters to the show and people my parents’ age sitting behind us dancing their butts off along with us. I wish I was close as the people in this video (we were back in the seats, not the standing room area) but it was still just as exciting.

“Wake Up” in Glasgow

A highlight of the show as when they covered the Violent Femme’s “Kiss Off” just like they did earlier in the month back in New York here.

Here are some videos I took last Montreal of the Arcade Fire just to show (more than tell) how lovely they are live. These are my videos, unlike the others.

“Haiti” (My favorite song of theirs) in Montreal, February 2007

“Rebellion (Lies)” in Montreal, February 2007

“Intervention” in Montreal, February 2007

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  1. Minted Stereo permalink
    November 7, 2007 6:19 pm

    Likewise. An excellent performance.

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